Religion and homophobia

Religion and homophobia

I agree with freedom of speech and the right to discussion, but there is a fine line between freedom of speech and promoting hatred. It all starts with words and then that leads to actions and that leads to consequences. Some churches and people preach hatred against gays and other people like transgendered people from the pulpit.  They call them evil, paedophiles and lots of other untrue things.  They incite hatred by giving people the belief that taking out that hatred against these kinds of people is ok and their speech gives them permission to do so. This has led to people killing gay people and crowds acting out hatred towards these kinds of people. In fact – this has led to murder and therefore spreading hatred means churches and other people have colluded and in fact have blood on their hands.

Here are some of the questions I asked the panel –

” How can we help Jflag as it is an issue that the PCS Proud committee have been dealing with and we have become a little stuck in, the way forward?” Jamaica should protect the civil liberties and human rights of all people including LGBT people in law and life.

The second motion was around the Human Rights abuse all over the world in many countries to LGBT people, something that Amnesty International have been involved with publicising the plight and treatment of LBGT people in certain countries all over the world.

Spreading hatred from the pulpit and passing that on was giving people empowerment to abuse and discriminate against LBGT people. The Mormon Church spends thousands of dollars near a million to oppose the gay marriage law.  It shows the discrimination and prejudice in a lot of religious groups and societies. We can only change this through law, education and challenging what is said and done.

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