How long would it take for makes relationships between gay men and women to also be acceptable on the scene?  The problem is that  this kind of prejudice does not only come from the white community, it also comes from from other communities like the Asian and black and Chinese communities.

So what is the answer?

Maybe I should try and accept and love myself and others with out restraint.

To accept a laugh other people for who they are, no matter, what their sizes, there disability, but traditions, colour, sexuality, gender or background.

To set an example of love and to remind all people what can be achieved when you accept people for who they are.  Hopefully we can pass this on light. Like in the movie, pay it forward.

Down on the scene gay people put others down because it makes them feel better and superior to others on the scene.

That is not love or acceptance, which is what we are all crying out for.

I must accept my colour, background, difference and personality and must not be ashamed of those things.

If others fail to see the real me then they have not reach that place of love within themselves and they are not people to be around at that stage.

I do not think it is wrong for people to fancy all be attracted to people who are similar to them.

I know that it takes more courage to explore and get to know people of different cultures and backgrounds.

To straight people gay people of very different.  should straight people reject other gay people just because of their sexuality?

Should gay men reject others because of their colour race or creed?  When people’s state on their profiles  “ no blacks or Asians”.

This statement is very similar to the ones written on restaurant doors and shops in the deep south in America.

It has the same nasty  taste of discrimination and prejudice and that rejection can went deep,  because it does not know who you are and also does not want to give you a chance to show who you really are underneath the colour of your skin.

There was an example, where men read my profile  and really liked what he had seen  on the profile, and he asked to see a picture of myself.  As soon as he saw the picture he was not interested,  as he was not attracted to people of my colour.  The message I received was,  I was not good enough only because of my colour.

On the gay scene,  this can happen very often and hurts other people’s saying  these kinds of things, without thinking or being sensitive and do not see the damage or hurt in their behaviour or what they have said.

Gay people know how hard it is to be accepted,  but they forget it is much harder to be accepted if you are also of another culture, colour, creed, religion and background.

One size does not fit all, not all Chinese people are clever.

Not all black people can sing.

Not all black people are un- intelligent.

Not all people with red hair have hot tempers.

Not all Irishman are alcoholics.

Not all Asian men are Muslim.

All these are stereotypes because all people are different.

There may be similar traits and customs but we all different.  Discrimination and prejudice are the same.

And people of minority groups should learn to be aware and  to do to others and treat others the way they are being treated, and  not reject people because they are different.

It is something I hope we will all learn soon, so that we will be marching on the same road together in harmony against all kinds of discrimination, fighting for better world.

Jeremy Bedford © 2012