life is a stage and we all have our parts to play as shakespeare reminds us. This means someone has to be play the roles of the bad guys etc. We may not learn what we need to unless they do. Other times we show we have not learnt. hitler still lives on in many of the third world countries where people who are different and no not obey and speak out are killed in the most sinister way. What is the world doing?

There is no room prejudice, hatred, ignorance – though we cannot know everything, discrimination and using words to kill and injure. there is a belief of equality for all and believe that all minorities where you are a person of size, person of colour, a person of intelligence, gay, bi-sexual, trans, a woman, child or a minority, race or creed.

treat others how you would like to be treated. with love and openess. We have a responsibility as we are all part of one.

Jaylee – owner of site


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