There is a perception that because gay people are in minority group like black people , and face the same kind of prejudices, that you would not find Prejudice against black people by other gay people or the other way round.

Sadly this is not true.

Part of this perception may come from the prejudice that gay people have faced Form the black community.

A black community should remember that it is just as bad To be prejudiced against the gay community as it is to prejudiced against Black people just because of the colour.

How much more difficult is it for A person who is black and gay living in the black community.

With that in mind , the discrimination can be even worse if you are part of An Asian descent.

So you  looking for partners narrow to  fewer options, as there’ll be a quota of the gay community who will sleep with you, but not have a relationship with you.

As you can see this devalues you as a person especially if you are only Good for sex and nothing else deeper.

There was a quota of the gay community that will not go out with black or Asian people and this is made very clear in their profiles .

So coming from a mixed culture background Can leave you with many questions As you do not fit into any category, What is my culture And or where do I fit in?

There is also a category of people who treat other cultures as if they were an exotic dish on a menu.  Do you have white on the menu ? No !  but we do have black or Chinese.

Well, I’ll try By black with a little Chinese on the side.

Sometimes you feel like piece of fashion, that is in style  one minute or not in the next.

Like an accessory, A handbag that matches The outfit they are wearing Or maybe just the coat.

I remember saying to a guy that I used to fancy him years ago, and his reply was, But it was a pity as he was into black years ago.

What does that actually mean?

What  does that tell you. It feels degrading that you are not seen as a person With a soul and feelings.


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