“Against Nature”

Some argue that God created male and female, as recorded in Genesis, only as a means of procreation. Homosexual behaviour is condemned on the assumption that it does not produce offspring. Since gender difference exists, they say, heterosexual contact is the only way god meant sexuality to be expressed.

Procreation was only one of God’s purposes in creation of humanity as recorded in Genesis. The other, equally important, was that God did not wish us to be alone. God gave us relationship with one another. It is dangerous to argue from simple biology when talking about ourselves as the image of God. Jesus told us that “God is Spirit” and we are created in the image of God. Human beings differ from animals in our spiritual nature. We are capable of relationship and this is the context of our sexuality. Our “natural” capacity for sexual expression, homosexual or heterosexual, is given meaning by our capacity for loving relationship.


“I would add that if you look at nature – that makes things confusing as sea horse males have babies and even animals have gay relationships – so the conclusion comes that being gay must be natural”


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